Portable Travel Bidet

Bidets are becoming ever more popular in western homes.

They have been in use in the Europe and Japan for a long time, more and more home owners are discovering the comfort, convenience, and the hygiene benefits that are available with this bathroom device.

But most models available are still high in price, and some have features that only a small number of shoppers might want or need.

Introducing the portable hand bidet – also known as a travel bidet.

If you’re not convinced how wonderful these hand held devices can be, try one today.

Low cost, and even more usable than your home model because they’re lightweight and require no water supply or electricity.

You’ll quickly be persuaded. You might even want to upgrade to a full-sized bidet after a while of using. Or, you’ll want to have both, using your portable for when you’re on the go.

What is a Portable Bidet?

A bidet is not a toilet. The two appliances are often combined in modern bathrooms, but historically and functionally they’re completely different devices. A toilet is used to capture waste; a bidet is used to help remove it from you. The bidet – whether full-sized model or portable – sprays water on the anus or genitals to remove unwanted material and wash you.

Some bidets, the full-sized models mostly, can warm your body, dry you afterward, or perform other functions. But all of them feature that same basic ability: removing feces remaining after elimination or in aiding feminine hygiene.

A portable bidet simply does that in a slightly different way than a full-sized home or hotel model. Rather than being built-in to a toilet or toilet seat (there are relatively few entirely separate bidet appliances in the U.S. today), the portable style is just what the name suggests.

It’s typically a bottle containing a small portion of water.

How do Portable Bidets Work?

Most portable bidets operate via mechanical action (you squeeze that bottle) while a few are battery-powered. For those with special medical needs, it can be filled with a solution containing Witch Hazel, disinfectant, or other chemical such as hydrogen peroxide.

Details aside, you take it with you, hold it in one hand, place a finger over the built-in “air lock” most of the time located in the bottom to prevent unwanted leakage and turn over, aim the nozzle where you wish, remove the finger from the “air lock” and squeeze the bottle to start cleaning.

But do they really work? The answer is a moderately qualified “yes”. Like any product, some work better than others. Some are easier to manipulate, higher quality, or offer special features. Others, less so. We’ll see that obvious truth detailed below in my personal top 3 pick.

One thing they all have in common, besides the basic operating method, is low cost. They’re typically a few dollars to a few dozen dollars. Yet, for that low cost, they very often do an admirable job.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into some specific models to see them in action and check out their pros and cons.

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