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How a hand held bidet is used

A hand held bidet sprayer, which in the Middle East is called a “shataff”, is a very simple yet effective method of sanitation. People use it in many places throughout the world to simplify cleaning the anal or genital areas.

It is also extremely cost effective in comparison to expensive electric toilet seats. Apart from the the Middle East, where these hand bidets are quite common, one will also find them in East Asia, India, Portugal, and Brazil.

These bidets are so common in Muslim households generally that they have also been dubbed “Muslim showers”. These bidets are also starting to become more popular in the West as tourists experience and enjoy using them in their adventures abroad.

Setting up these hand bidets is actually very simple.

You simply need to attach a T-adapter with a shut-off valve to the water line connecting to your toilet, which will split the water source so that it runs to both the toilet and the hand bidet.

The bidet sprayer is attached to a flexible hose that comes off of this line, and to spray it you just squeeze the trigger like with a garden hose.

Using Your Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

Step 1. Pick up the bidet spray from the hook or holder on the wall next to the toilet. Most likely your bidet will come included with this wall hook or holder.

Step 2. Open up the shut-off valve to let the water flow to the sprayer. The water won’t start shooting out automatically (you need to squeeze the handle first), so no need for caution here.

Step 3. Some people prefer to spray from the front and others from the rear. It’s a matter of your personal preference so it doesn’t really matter. Some women say that like to spray through the front, for example, in order to clean both the genital and anal area at the same time. The method of use for the hand held bidet becomes a personal choice.

Step 4. Squeeze the trigger lightly to start spraying water. It’s best to spray at an angle to avoid splash back. It may take a little time in order to get used to the best pressure and angle to use for the best and most comfortable cleaning, so if it seems strange or ineffective during the first trial don’t worry about it, you will eventually get used to it and learn to appreciate it more.

Step 5. Check for cleanliness with some toilet paper, and once clean simply pat dry using more toilet paper or a towel. Most people opt for the toilet paper but those with very sensitive skin tend to like a soft towel better.

And that’s all there is to it. It may sound strange at first, but many Westerners are beginning to appreciate and even covet these bidet sprayers for a fast and easy post-toilet cleaning that greatly cuts down on wiping and on toilet paper.

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